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The Oratorium Group offers a personalized program to meet the specific needs of a few select clients. Primarily, we work with the Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officers of life sciences companies to enhance their company's reputation within the financial community. While we work closely with the leadership team, we also bring our client-side experience to working productively and collaboratively with your internal communications teams to supplement their areas of expertise and offer new ideas on strategies to approach your target audiences.

Oratorium Group's engagements can revolve around aspects of communications: from understanding how the targeted audience views your company's business, to refreshing a brand, to developing a five-year business plan, to communicating a binary event, to helping an executive become a more effective speaker. Some programs are event-driven, some are longer-term projects, yet all are designed to deliver results.

When you seek a different type of communications firm, one where senior executives are the ones who do the work on your behalf, we hope you will consider speaking with us about your needs, so together we can drive the value of your organization.

We can be reached at jsnowden@oratoriumgroup.com or (646) 438-9754.



The Oratorium Group is not an investor relations company in the traditional sense.  The practice of investor relations has changed dramatically over the past 10 years, and the pool of institutional capital dedicated to life sciences companies has both grown and shrunk.  We have moved beyond the traditional services offered by our brethren to offer a more strategic approach to building shareholder awareness.  We draw from best practices, conversations with your target audience, and our gut instinct.  Our clients will tell you, “It works!”

We would be happy to tell you more after we learn about what has been working for you and where you’d like to see improvement.

Have you ever asked someone, “What does your company do?”  It is the executive who gives a clear and compelling answer in the time it takes to ride a New York City elevator five floors that attracts investors. 

Have you wondered why with all the media interviews you have given you’ve never been quoted, or been quoted on what you would consider the ‘wrong message’? 

The difference between the compelling “what my company does” answer and “getting quoted” is the use of key messaging.  Most of us believe we already have key messages.  Some do; most don’t.  Key messages are not what you think they are.  Key messages are compelling sound bites.  But they need to be defendable with facts. 

Beyond creating an impactful brand for you, we work with your team to incorporate those key messages into all of your collateral material, your elevator pitch, and your media interviews.  Within six months, you’ll see those key messages being reflected in analyst reports.  As for the media, that’s up to you.

What exactly is reputation management?  We view reputation management as giving the most important and connected investors in the industry the ability to see you as a leader for industry, not just for your company. 

With insight of how investors’ view your company and you and a solid understanding of how you want to be viewed, we facilitate meetings with your most important investors to talk a little about your business but primarily about your industry and the future of your industry.  Creating a setting of a give-and-take conversation, not about your company, but about the industry at large or a specific topic, gives the investor an insight into your awareness of the future and your leadership qualities to meet the challenges ahead.

We can learn a great deal from the companies and stars who are laser focused on building and protecting their reputations.  By building a strong reputation from the beginning, or acknowledging there’s an issue and working to resolve it, your most valuable audience will support you when you find yourself facing an unexpected challenge.

When you have a binary event, you have one chance to communicate well.  Recently, we’ve seen one of the biggest household names miss on two major events, and the miscues have had a significant impact on the company’s stock price.  While in-house communications teams know the Company best, they may not be able to gauge (or in many cases, communicate) potential investor reaction prior to the announcements.  Bringing in a consultant to ask the toughest questions before the spotlight helps management communicate more effectively from the start. 

As binary events cover a diverse universe, we’ll be happy to discuss our experience and how we can help you. 

Most presentations miss a key opportunity to generate interest in their company or their topic.  Why?  Because most people “present” instead of approaching the activity as an opportunity to have a conversation with the audience.  And the difference in effectiveness between the two is vast.

We have helped over one hundred C-level and director-level executives find their own voice and presentation style.  It just takes a little time, the right questions, and a comfortable collaborative setting to create a personalized presentation that gives each presenter the ability to have a conversation with his or her audience. 

While the penultimate goal would be to create each presentation to the strengths of each speaker, we can facilitate achieving the same result for multiple presenters using the same presentation, thereby maximizing your investor relations and corporate communications teams resources.

If you wish to learn how to give a presentation that your audience remembers, please contact us. 

Naturally, speech writing becomes an extension of the services Oratorium Group provides.  In fact, most of our slide presentations begin with a speech being written the old fashioned way, with pen and paper.  The most successful speeches we have written are for those executives with whom we spend the most time and have the most access, as we know how they think and speak. 

However, we can write speeches for any executive, if we are able to talk with the presenter to find out what key messages he or she wants to convey.  From there, a liaison or two can describe the tenor of the audience and obtain answers our questions and gather the facts required for us to build the speech.  Given enough time, we will deliver a piece worthy of your time and capital investment.  We’ll happily take on any challenge, even when it may require us to dedicate some of our time to learn a new technology or industry.  The reality is your speeches are the greatest opportunity to sell yourself and your company by making a great impression on your audience; we are here to ensure you don’t miss another opportunity.




After having spent years in large agencies, training and managing junior staffers, and not being allowed to “do the work”, we decided the time had come to start Oratorium Group.  We believe by delivering outstanding senior-level work at a reasonable price, we’ll get back to what we love best – working directly with the client to achieve a goal.  

Juliane Snowden and Daniel Gray began their collaboration in 1997 at a large New York agency.  The creativity between the two has survived through numerous companies and agencies and projects and all of life’s events.   To complement our areas of expertise, we have relationships with multiple public and media relations experts, each with a different area of focus, whom we may call upon to support our clients, and they call on us when they find themselves in need of our services.  This flexibility and lack of infrastructure benefits our clients, as they know we will only recommend what they need.

Juliane brings 20 years of communications experience to the equation.  She’s built a reputation for creating brand messages that resonate with the financial community and initiate conversations that lead to long-term relationships between companies and their investors.  Along the way, she began conducting presentation skills training, which led to speech writing for clients.

Daniel is unlike any other creative directors, as he began his career as an investor relations consultant.  Realizing he could apply his love for art to communications, Daniel won an award for the first annual report he ever designed.  These skills have grown and his functional art have given a strong visual image to capture the audience’s attention without overshadowing the message being delivered.

While we work independently, we have a variety of media relations colleagues who are as dedicated to their specific art as are we (financial and trade media, national media campaigns, product launch public relations, etc.).  If our work with you needs to be supplemented with media relations, we can call upon the right expert to assist in achieving your specific goals. 

You can reach us by sending an email to Juliane (jsnowden@oratoriumgroup.com) or calling us at (646) 438-9754.


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